Grill Master’s
Steak House
When you dine at Grill Master’s you can be rest assured about the quality of the meat. Poultry and seafood we serve.
-	Steaks are USDA – Certified Premium Angus, hand cut to perfection and grilled to your liking.
-	Prime Rib is seasoned with fine herbs and slowly roasted for your pleasure.
-	Seafood is supplied daily to our restaurant by selected purveyors and held in crushed ice, the only way to ensure top quality and preserve freshness.
-	Soups are homemade from scratch in small batches. Our Clam Chowder is the best in town, as also the Crab Pot Cioppino.
-	Favorites include: Lobster Quesadillas, Dungeness Crab Cakes as also Riesling Steamed Mussels, Manila Steamed Clams.
-	Gourmet section features: Snow Crab Legs, King crab Legs and Lobster Tail.
-	Steak Selection offer: Top Sirloin Angus, New York Steak, Angus Rib eye, T-bone steak and a full pound – Porter House.
-	Fish selection: Tilapia, Catfish, Ling Cod, Rainbow Trout, Mahi-mahi, Pacific Snapper, Alaskan Halibut, New Zealand Orange Roughy, Atlantic King Salmon, Pacific Sword Fish and Ahi Tuna
-	Skewers: Sirloin Kabob, Shrimp Skewer, Chicken Breast Skewer, Shrimp & Scallops
Mesquite broiling is the cornerstone at Grill Master’s. This preparation technique enhances the flavor and goodness of the top quality steaks, poultry and seafood used at our restaurant.
At Grill Master’s we are proud to be a Steak House that serves nothing but the finest, natural Beef, Poultry and Sea food.
Be it for a quick Lunch or an evening with friends and family, you will enjoy our friendly staff, Good food and very reasonable prices.
For big groups or parties, please consult us for a tailor made menu according to your budget and wishes.

We serve only the best at Grill Master’s!
400 Bercut Drive, Sacramento, California 95811 • Phone (916) 441-3474 • Fax (916) 441-4875